25 FAQ's from Women Veterans

The VA's Center for Women Veterans posts most common questions they hear.

Questions answered:

What services are available to women veterans?

How do I access the system for health and benefits services?

Does VA provide maternity benefits?

How can I receive gender-specific services, including Pap smears, mammography, prenatal and childcare?

How can I obtain emergency assistance with payment of my delinquent utility bills, rent, mortgage, etc.?

How long does it take to get a clinic appointment?

Where can I get inpatient psychiatric care as a woman Veteran?

Where can I get Treatment for conditions related to sexual assault or sexual harassment I experience while in the military?

What kind of specialized services are available for women Veterans who have experienced a trauma?

How do I get evaluated for nursing home care?

What is the process of getting quality of care issues addressed?

How do I get my disability compensation claim reevaluated?

How and where do I apply for home, business, or car loans?

How do I obtain GI Bill education benefits?

How do I contact a coordinator for options for women Veterans who are homeless with children?

Am I eligible for burial benefits? What are my options?

How do I locate my military records or those of a relative?

How do I locate a buddy whom I served with in the military?

Where can I find information regarding benefits and services for National Guard, Reserves, and Uniformed Services?

How do I access employment options for women Veterans?

Where do I find research studies and surveys on women Veterans?

How and where do I find historical information on women Veterans?

How do I locate statistics on women Veterans by state and nationally?

Where do I locate legislation on women’s and related issues?