15 minute C & P exam


I was awarded a remand from the BVA to reopen my Sleep Apnea Claim. Subsequently I was scheduled a C&P exam from a outside source (QTC). My examiner called me into the exam room, she told me that she had already read my file and appreciated the fact that I had typed on a separate sheet the questions that they asked me to answer, because I wanted to be thorough and detailed. She asked me if I was still using my CPAP, I said yes, and briefly told her about the size of the bunks (racks) we slept in while onboard ship and that I had to sleep on my back which caused me to snore and sometimes wake up grasping for air. She said she understood. She then said she had everything she needed and was sending out my exam results that same day. The VA received my results the following day, so she was truthful about sending them out that day. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. My question is this...Do you think my exam could be favorable based on how long it lasted.

Jim's Reply:

How long an exam lasts isn't the criteria I'd use for service connection...it really has nothing to do with it. Otherwise, I don't know enough about your case to hazard a guess other than to say that VA isn't awarding the OSA rating easily these days. Everyone is trying for that sweet 50% rating and unless you had a sleep study while you were active, I have doubts.