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Jim's Mailbag

Jim's Mailbag


I am a Vietnam vet and have been exposed to Agent Orange. The VA is not providing me with Service connectivity for my Throat Cancer. Current literature exists that connects Head and Neck Cancers to AO exposure. 


Jim's Mailbag


My husband moved out almost two year ago and has been receiving dependents compensation for me and our three children but hasn’t been helping us... he has actually taken money from me and isn’t paying the court ordered child support, and the kids and I are really struggling. I have had to get a PFA to protect us but we are still married. How do I go about getting the benefits to come to me, and can I possibly get retro benefits that he would pay back? A friend told me this was possible and it would be such a help as he has dissipated almost all of our assets.

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A VA Survivors Pension offers monthly payments to qualified surviving spouses and unmarried dependent children of wartime Veterans.

Step 1: Check if the Veteran’s service allows you to be eligible.

Step 2: Check if you currently meet the criteria to be eligible.

Step 3: Apply


1: The Veteran


A stamp-style image  of the word 'denied' in red ink.
Mandatory implementation of the Veterans Appeals Improvement Act (AMA) of 2017 occurred on February 19, 2019. Congress recognized the appalling wait times veterans and their eligible family members have been enduring as to appealing VA benefit decisions.